Friday, 31 October 2014

Naomi Campbell Says the "Ebola Plague Was Written In the Bible"

44yr old Super model, Naomi Campbell, has been involved organizing two
charity fashion shows in aid of victims of the Ebola Virus disease.

She also isn't quiet about letting everyone know how "terrified" she
is of catching the illness and is convinced the epidemic was predicted
in the Bible.

"I'm terrified," she said. "It was written in the Bible, it was in the
Bible there was going to be a plague and this is it, I think this is

"I want a space suit, do you think we can go to NASA and buy a space
suit? It's scary...

I don't care what people laugh at, I went on a plane the other day and
I wore my two masks, I've got to feel protected, I don't give a damn.
I got my Clorox bleach and my rubber gloves and I sprayed down my seat
and that's what I'm going to do on every flight from now on."

Em Naomi, what verse of scripture in the bible are you referring to?
And if it is true will all these your precautions protect you from
"the plague"?

(source: blackamericaweb)

British-Nigerian Girl Dies After Botched Buttock Surgery

Joy Williams, 23, from Thamesmead, died on October 23 after travelling
to Bangkok to have £2,000 buttock augmentation surgery.

Miss Williams, who was born in Lagos, settled in Thamesmead with her
mother Christie in 2007 and had been to Thailand twice before choosing
to visit for surgery.

She initially visited the SP clinic, which she found on the internet,
on October 14 to have the operation which she hoped would give her a
bigger, fuller bottom. A few days later her wounds became infected and
she returned to have corrective surgery to remove the silicon

The doctor who carried out the procedure, Sompob Sansiri, 51, was
later arrested and accused of negligence after it was found that he
had been carrying out night-time surgery without a licence.

Speaking yesterday from his home in Lagos, Nigeria, Miss Williams's
older brother Anietie, 28, said he had been looking forward to her
visiting him in Nigeria this Christmas.

He said: 'We don't really know what went wrong, we only know what is
in reports in the media.
'She was a beautiful girl, loved by everybody. We will miss her so much.'

He added that the family were still making preparations to bring Miss
Williams' body home and that his brother was planning to fly to
Thailand and return to London with it.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”-Jim Rohn

Millionaires were once normal people like you and I, except that they now have plenty of cash with them. How do they create those additional cash and turn themselves millionaires over time? This article presents to you "five millionaire secrets":

1) Millionaires keep their eyes on what they want to achieve. 
Set yourself clear goals. Imagine yourself being a millionaire and what you would do to achieve it. As Robert Collier says, “if you see yourself as prosperous, you will be. If you see yourself as continually hard up, that is exactly what you will be.” Everything has to start somewhere, so make your first step and move ahead! 

2) Millionaires work on their passion. 
According to a research conducted by Thomas J. Stanley, author of The Millionaire Mind, more than 80% millionaires admitted they would not have been successful if their vocation was not something they cared about. Look at the rich people around - Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Donald Trump. Don’t they all talk about their work passionately? The question now is, what is YOUR passion?

3) Millionaires are self-taught. 
One major hurdle to making money is not understanding how money works. Simple example, do you know how to read your bank statements? How much do you know about money management and investing in bonds? If we have zero knowledge on investment and finance management, how do we expect ourselves to earn big money? As Jim Rohn correctly pointed out, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”!

4) Millionaires grow their money. 
Life will become a struggle if you continue to live from paycheck to paycheck, especially with the forever increasing inflation while your monthly wage stays the same. Self-made millionaires work hard to make extra money for investing, where their money will in turn “work hard” for them, i.e. they grow them by putting them on a side business, stocks, or real estates. If you want to get rich, control and manage your income, just like Benjamin Franklin once says, “He does not posses wealth that allows it to possess him.”

5) Millionaires are ever willing to take risks. 
If you read biographies of self-made millionaires, you would have realised many of them have often gone through countless failures. What makes them who they are today is their persistence and their never-give-up attitude! They try and try and try and then, one success push them up to the top!

Miley Cyrus and Rihanna Had Something To Say On The 2014 amfAR Gala Red Carpet


Last night 29th of Oct. saw Rihanna, Rosci Diaz and Miley Cyrus supporting the fight against AIDS by attending the 2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala at Milk Studios.

The charity gala also honored designer Tom Ford.
Miley Cyrus and Mom, Tish, 47.

Rocsi Diaz

Rocsi Diaz had on a body-hugging Michael Costello halter dress.
Miley, Riri and Tom Ford

photocred: necolebitchie

DNA Test Reveals Matthew Knowles Has Another Love Child

Things that make you go hmmm....

According to Necole Bitchie:

Last month, we were hit with the news that Beyonce’s dad had fathered yet another child, this time with a 30-year-old Houston woman, and now she is on TV and talking. 

In her first televised interview airing today, TaQoya Branscomb says she was shocked when she received word she was pregnant with little Koi, now four, because Mathew told her he was incapable of fathering any more children! 
He’d had a vasectomy. Or at least that was what I was told.
While Matty may not have believed TaQoya at first, the DNA test he took as part of the paternity suit she slapped him with this summer did come back positive, 99.9% positive that he fathered Koi in 2010. 
And there may be something in Mathew’s gene pool because just like big sisters Beyonce and Solange, Koi also wants to be a singer/dancer, too! According to TaQoya, the adorable four-year-old loves to sing and dance and, despite having to take Bey’s daddy to court, she hopes that the singer will get to meet her new sibling one day. 
They are half sisters and maybe one day down the line that can be made possible.
Yeah, they are half-siblings, but so is Nixon (the 5-year-old that Matthew fathered while still married to Tina Knowles) and we all saw how that worked out. Both he and his mom Alexsandra are currently living in a trailer park somewhere. Hopefully, TaQoya won’t suffer that same fate while she waits on Mathew to come through with them child support checks. On top of being a real estate agent, it looks like she’s also earning money by booking her daughter modelling and acting gigs.
A cute little star in the making.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Woman's Headless Body Found Near Train Station

Police found the beheaded body of a woman in her 60’s in a Farmingdale street just minutes before a man, suspected to be her son, stepped in front of a LIRR train nearby.

According to NY Daily News reports:

Police made the horrific discovery of the woman’s body in front of an apartment building on Secatogue Ave. in Farmingdale around 7:55 p.m., a Nassau County Police spokesman said.
The body of the female victim, wearing only a bra and pants, was lying on one side of the street and her head was on the other, said witness Jack Imperial, 41, of Briarwood, Queens, who was taking a taxi to a meeting when he came across the grisly scene. 
“The body’s feet were at the curb, the shoulders were at the middle of the street. The head was across the street,” said Imperial. “I’ve seen some gruesome stuff in my years of living … but nothing like this. I didn’t expect to see something like this, especially not out here.”
“I thought it was Halloween hoax. There was no big splatter of blood. It looked staged,” Imperial said. 
Just 20 minutes after finding the corpse, MTA police confirmed a man in his 30s, identified by law enforcement sources as possibly the woman’s son, stepped in front of a Ronkonkoma-bound Long Island Rail Road train near the Clinton St. crossing.
The woman’s head may have been kicked across the street after the murder, a police source said. 
It was not immediately clear if the killing occurred outside or in the apartment building. The identities of the dead man and woman were not immediately released.
Nick Gordon, who said he lived across the hall from the woman, said she moved in a few months ago and had a small white dog. 
He speculated that the murder occurred inside the building. “When I came out the door, I saw the blood on the tile. It was all over, as if someone could’ve been pulling a body. You could see the smears going down the stairs.”
Could this be ISIS?! 

U.S. Nurse Vows To Sue After Being Quarantined Over Fear Of Ebolaka

Defiant nurse Kaci Hickox vowed to break a mandatory quarantine order that would keep her inside her Maine home for much of the next three weeks.

And despite her troubles stateside, Hickox pledged to return to West Africa to continue fighting the deadly Ebola virus on the frontlines.

Making the rounds on morning television shows, the 33-year-old, speaking from her home in Fort Kent, Maine, promised she is “not going to sit around and be bullied by politicians and forced to stay in my home when I am not a risk to the American public.”

Maine officials have ordered her to hole up at home until 21 days have passed since she last contacted an Ebola victim where she was volunteering in Sierra Leone. And a state trooper stationed outside her home told NBC News that Hickox will be arrested if she walks outside.

“If the restrictions placed on me by the state of Maine are not lifted by Thursday morning, I will go to court to fight for my freedom,” she told Matt Lauer on the “Today” show Wednesday.

Hickox was detained in New Jersey on Friday afternoon after she landed at Newark Liberty International Airport. A forehead temperature scanner registered a fever, sending the nurse into a mandatory 21-day quarantine period, guidelines of which were presented that same day by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Hickox called the rules a “knee-jerk reaction” by politicians not founded in science, while Christie has maintained the rules are a fair trade-off to keep the people of his state free of the lethal virus.

Hickox was released from quarantine in New Jersey on Monday then drove back to Maine after her test for Ebola came back negative and she showed no signs or symptoms of the disease for more than 24 hours.

Her mandatory quarantine in Maine would run through Nov. 10.

Hickox said more appropriate measures would include self-monitoring by taking her temperature twice a day and getting medical attention if she began to show symptoms of Ebola.

“I remain appalled by these home quarantine policies that have been forced upon me even though I am in perfectly good health and am feeling strong,” she said on “Today.” “I have been this entire time, completely symptom-free. I am thankful to be out of the tent in Newark but I find myself in yet another prison in a different environment.”

She and her boyfriend, Theodore Wilbur, are back at their Fort Kent home, a town along the Canadian border.


Zambia's President Michaal Sata Passes On

President of Zambia, Michaal Sata, has died at the age of 77. He died yesterday October 28th at the King Edward VII hospital in the United Kingdom after suffering from an undisclosed ailment.

Born July 6 1937, Mr Sata was elected Zambia's President in September 2011. He is survived by wife Christine and over 20 children.

Rest in peace.

Woman Stripped After Being Caught Shoplifting

A female shoplifter was stripped to her waist by a merciless store owner after she was caught stealing in her store. The shoplifter, 28 year old Yu Chung, went into the store in China's Zhejiang province to buy clothes and stuffed some into her bag without paying for them.

The angry store owner, 39 year old Mei Hsueh, who caught her red handed, descended on her, removed her top to prevent her from running away, then removed her bra and pushed her outside of her store. Of course a crowd gathered to watch, some took photos and shared them online.

"This thief was trying to steal my clothes to I took off some of hers.She'll think twice before she does that again. It was meant to be a warning to all those thieves out there to show them that not all shops are a pushover." the store owner said.

The police was eventually called and Yu was taken away. She has been charged with theft but no action was taken against the shop owner.

Singer Kayswitch Switches Off Phone As Frustrated Baby Mama Shows Up At His House

I just decided blog this because it's funny and not funny at the same time. And it might be a warning to all the 'wanna be' baby mamas all over the world. Think ahead before you take the step....all that glitters isn't gold!

According to lindaikeji:

This happened just this afternoon. (don't ask me how I got the photos...hehe). So D'banj's younger brother Kayswitch's baby mama, Meena Subramani, stormed his home in Lekki Phase1 this afternoon demanding to see him, but for some reason, the security guards wouldn't open the gates. Meena, who got there by taxi and was carrying their 7 months old baby, started banging on the gate, shouting at security men and screaming that KaySwitch should come out and face her. She made a lot of allegations as she was screaming but I will leave that out for now.
The house belongs to D'banj but he's currently not in Nigeria. Nobody came out of the house for the hour or so Meena was outside creating a scene. She has since left. I tried to reach Kayswitch to find out what happened but his phone was switched off.

Kayswitch, if this is true, please be responsible. That little kid might just be a wannabe star like you. Ladies please do the right thing so you don't find yourself at the gate of a so called star....

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Santa Fe sheriff’s deputy fatally shot by partner after alcohol-fueled fight

According to nydaily News:

A Santa Fe County sheriff's deputy was fatally shot by a fellow deputy
while staying at a Las Cruces hotel, authorities said.

The two deputies started arguing and the fight escalated, according to
Las Cruces police. They were staying at Hotel Encanto de las Cruces.

The accused shooter has been identified as 27-year-old Tai Chan,
according to the Albuquerque Journal. Jeremy Martin, 29, is the deputy
who was killed, according to Sheriff Robert Garcia.

The pair stopped at Dublin's Street Pub before they got into an
argument at the hotel, according to officials. Chan fired several
rounds just after midnight as Martin tried to escape to an elevator.

The shooter is "believed to have fired several rounds from a
semi-automatic weapon at Martin," according to an LCPD statement.
"Evidence indicates (the shooter) fired several rounds as Martin
attempted to flee the seventh floor and enter an elevator."

Officers found Martin bleeding profusely with several gunshot wounds
in his back and arms. Cops located Chan in a stairwell near the roof
of the hotel and collared him without incident.

Martin, who has three young children, was pronounced dead at
MountainView Regional Medical Center.

"We're waiting on the Las Cruces (police department) investigation,
and then I'll go from there," he said. "I'm just trying to get through
this day. I'm still dealing with the shock of the information. It's
just hard to understand something like this." said Sheriff Robert

Hotel staff could not be reached by phone.

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