Sunday, 23 November 2014

Retailer Sells Baby Clothes Branded with 'sexualized and porn-inspired Imagery'

I read this and found it disturbing...It makes you wonder what some
people think with. Please we need to protect children and preserve
their innocence.

According to the Canadian Sun:

An online clothing store in the U.K. continues to sell baby blankets
with the slogan 'F--- Me Like A Pornstar' and onesies with the words
'Porn Star' despite a massive online backlash.

As of Saturday morning, cafepress was still selling more than 130
items, including blankets, onesies and T-shirts for toddlers with
slogans like 'Liquor In The Front Poker In The Rear.'

"This content serves to reinforce women's second class status, as less
than men, as mere objects for men's entertainment and gratification,"
Caitlin Roper, of women's rights group Collective Shout, told The

She said Cafe Press's "pro-rape 'humour' trivializes crimes of
violence against women," and reduces a global issue affecting millions
of women every day to a "punch line of a joke.

"I can't believe I even have to argue that sexualized or porn-inspired
imagery and slogans on baby clothes and merchandise is unacceptable,"
she added.

CURB, an organization working to abolish human trafficking and the sex
trade in the Caribbean, tweeted: "Is there no Code of Ethics that
exists to prevent merchants from developing slogans which promote

Roper told The Independent she was shocked by Cafe Press' response to
her concerns.

"They suggested I redirect my energy and instead of tweeting I should
fill out reports. I countered that they should exercise some corporate
social responsibility and asked if they were going to pay me to do
their job for them."

Roper tweeted: "According to @cafepress, it is the role of customers
to regulate pro-rape material on their site #notbuyingit.

Please boycott that shop or any other like it.


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Man's Head Crushed In Hit -and -Run In A McDonald's Drive Thru

A man was fighting for his life after callous driver with the munchies ran him over in a McDonald’s drive-thru before he pulled up to the window, grabbed his food and fled in Queens early Saturday, witnesses said.

Jonathan Brown, 18, the night manager at the McDonalds on Merrick Blvd. in Laurelton said the victim fell down in the drive-thru lane moments before a white Nissan Altima ran him over, backed up off him and then proceeded to the window for his food.

“The guy, I think he was drunk, was in the drive-thru leaning on a car randomly. Then he fell and I thought he was dead so I called the cops. Thirty seconds later a car came and just hit him. Then the car backed up and drove around him and picked up his food.”

Brown said the man struggled to move while the Nissan was still on top of him.

“It’s ridiculous to have to see that! I’m traumatized. You didn’t see him run over his head and the guy was trying to get up with the car still on top of him.”

Emergency responders rushed the victim to Jamaica Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.


Gay Activist and Obama's Fund Raiser Arrested For Having Sex With 15yr Old Boy

Via NYPost

He’s a mega bundler for President Obama. He’s been on Air Force One. He’s shared a Christmas visit with Michelle Obama at the White House. And now he’s being accused of sex with a minor.

Terry Bean, 66, a gay activist and major Democratic fund-raiser, was arrested Wednesday in Portland, Ore., for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Bean’s ex-boyfriend, Kiah Lawson, 25, was arrested Thursday in connection with the same incident.
The arrests follow an angry breakup between the couple, where Bean accused his former boyfriend of extortion after Lawson gained access to hidden video images from Bean’s bedroom.

Authorities said the duo found the 15-year-old online and had a sexual encounter with him in an Oregon hotel in 2013.

Bean, who raised more than $500,000 for Obama’s campaign in 2012, is charged with third-degree sodomy and third-degree sexual abuse in the sexual encounter.

His lawyers:

“Over the course of several months in 2013-2014, Terry was the victim of an extortion ring led by several men known to law enforcement,” attorney Kristen Winemiller said in a statement. “This current arrest is connected to the ongoing investigation of that case in which Mr. Bean has fully cooperated.

“No allegations against Terry Bean should be taken at face value. We look forward to the opportunity to clear his name.”

Chaz B Passes On

Popular Rhythm Fm presenter, Chaz B who was formerly with Inspiration
Fm before moving to 93.7 Rhythm Fm few months ago is dead.

Details of his death are still very sketchy. But he started the show yesterday as usual, but didn't stay till the end. After about the usual 30mins into the show, just before the 6pm news, he said he was tired and needed to rest. He then handed over to his co- anchor Chike Onyia, to continue after the news on the other side of  the hour. He then said, "see you on Monday" and left, the rest is history.

Chaz B became very popular with his radio programme, 'Sharing Life Issues With Chaz

Sad, we will miss him, but rest well brother. You're in a better place.


Charles Bruce Chukuma, popularly called Chaz B by his
radio audience, hails from Delta State, Nigeria. With
over 20 years of experience in the Hospitality
Management Industry of the United States of America,

Chaz B consults on management turn around in the
hotel and entertainment sectors in Nigeria. An ex-
student of Kings College, Lagos, he holds an Advanced
Business Management Certificate from North Technical
Education Centre in Florida and an Associate of
Science Degree in Hotel, Travel and Tourism
Management from Miami Dade Community College
(North), Florida, USA.

Before he left Nigeria in 1979, Chaz B had moved
within the entertainment world. He worked with his
cousin, Ben Bruce, former Director-General of the
Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), back in 1975 when
Ben owned the Fantasy Night Club in Yaba, Lagos.

He returned to the entertainment business in the
United States of America running a limousine and
bodyguard service catering just to celebrity and VIP
clientele. Through that business he came to know
people like Donald Trump, Renee and Celine Dion,
Natalie Cole and other world celebrities on a personal

With a distinct voice purring through the Lagos
airwaves, Chaz B's hallmark show is "SHARING LIFE
ISSUES WITH CHAZ B", which earned him the
prestigious Nigeria Media Merit Awards for 2010 as the
best On Air Personality in Radio and the show is rated
the number one show across the city of Lagos.
‘Listening to Chaz B during our conversation was like
listening to a clergyman, a man of strong moral
conviction and religious beliefs. And you begin to
wonder if he is an ordained priest, and if he is, what is
he doing in broadcasting’ (Culled from his interview
with digicast magazine).

Chaz B's ‘Sharing Life Issues with Chaz B’, airs
on the Rhythm Radio Network every Monday to Friday
at 5.30pm.

His Testimony - "I Walked Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death"

My kidney journey started about March 2011. I woke up both legs were swollen I could hardly walk. I remember I missed, at that time, maybe a couple of weeks at work. After some medical medications it looked like all was well.

We travelled up to Cotonu, Benin Republic with the family and visited a Restaurant. After like two days, found a good Nigerian restaurant. And we were so happy because the food was not agreeing with us (no disrespect to anybody from Benin Republic). So we finally found this Nigerian restaurant and it was like wow!

So we sat down, just as the food arrived, I just felt myself, as the waiter was putting the food on the table, before my wife, daughter and brother, I just felt myself suddenly slumping in the chair and in a few seconds, just saw myself…I thought Monalisa  (his daughter)was lifting off the ground, It was so funny. But it wasn’t really…I saw myself just going upwards, it looked like a very dark tunnel and I was travelling relatively fast, I turned around quickly and I saw myself lying, slumped on the chair, so the family shouted for help.

Well, I could see people gathering around my body but I was going further and further away from it. I continued upwards until I saw a bright light at the end of that tunnel. It was hard to see, but as I came out that bright light was so bright I tell you it was so beautiful there, that’s what I can tell you; flowers were extraordinary, different colours, never seen them before. I was trying to adjust because the brightness of the light was almost like being in front of the sun and I could see some kind of silhouette, but I couldn’t make it out.

So I just kept my head down, a Voice said, “Son why are you here?” I was still confused because I was still thinking no no what is going on? I said nothing, I was confused totally and then He said “It is not time yet, go back, we still have a long mission to accomplish, go back my son”. I remember my spirit wanted to argue because I felt peace! Almost for the first time in my life, I didn’t really want to go back anywhere, but he insisted it’s not yet time and then all of a sudden I started to drift like falling backwards until I saw the people just praying around my body. Shouting “Jesus” “Jesus”.
And I remember re-entering into my body, like wearing a suit, it just felt really really strange, I cannot even describe that in words. Well that was actually my second experience with death, because at 10 ½ yrs in London I drowned and I was revived like seven minutes later.

I came back and I resumed work and all of a sudden, this thing, fainting spells; I just started fainting. In a meeting we had I fainted; My CEO was scared. I started throwing up every meal for some time. Almost for two months I would just throw up everything I eat. I couldn’t keep anything in the stomach and then I was admitted at Rodeen hospital for a week and then I was diagnosed with AKD (Acute Kidney Disease).

This was how my journey started with kidney failure and that’s how I started dialysis Monday, Wednesday and Friday; four hours on the machine. (You lose like 2-3kg every single time you have dialysis)…And then I was still coming to work for 8months. I just would come to work. God would give me the strength. The devil wanted me to stop but I refused to stop.

Then in December (2011) was when I announced to you I’ll be on a long vacation. So I travelled to India with my family and a donor (kidney).
About a month and a week here’s this donor that was certified by a certain Doctor in Magodo…This guy was actually cleared as good to go, I paid N385,000 for the process. But do you know when I took this guy with me to India, He was totally unqualified and he had so many medical issues of his own, the Indian

Doctors advised me to send him back to Nigeria. And I had to…Anyway we sent the donor back to Nigeria. Suddenly, I had this thought “should I return to Nigeria and start this whole journey again?” and I said No. God did not bring me all this way only to start the journey again.
So few days later the Doctor came into the room and asked what blood group my wife was and she said “O positive” and the doctor just had a big smile on his face and left the room. In the evening that day, he invited us to his office and asked her if she will be willing to donate her kidney. I was shocked because I never thought of it; that’s why I took a donor and paid over a million naira to him. I just was shocked. But do you know without even thinking about it, she said “That’s what I’ve been telling him”. And she had for six months and I was like “no way” “no way”. And do you know that day without reservation, she did it; she was willing, she said yes and now, you know, we did tests and the DNA testing among others, showed that we were found to be almost 96% compatible. 96%! Just to show you how great God is. How great is Jehovah!

She became my donor and today I have a second chance at life “because she lives in me!”
After 5 ½ months in India, we returned home rejoicing over the new kidney and we felt victorious. Guess what? 2 ½ to 3weeks later another condition arose from the whole issue; it’s called a post-transplant situation. It’s tagged or named Lymphocele; like a retention of fluid in the body, causing the swelling of the abdomen and in my own case the whole right leg got swollen again.

After more money spent at St Nicholas Hospital, the doctors advised me, since I had just come back from India a couple of months, “why don’t you just go back there? It’s easier. We can do it here at St. Nicholas, but you just came back. Go back there”. So I started another plan, returned to India, thinking the procedure would be simple, fast and corrective. They looked at the scan, my Indian doctor felt “okay, it seems to be this way” but he was going on vacation, so I had to wait a couple of weeks till he got back and he asked me to come.

Now once he x-rayed and scanned again, a team of surgeons carefully looked at my case and decided to open me up, that’s right. So from just beneath my chest here, cut all the way down past my navel, opened me up and I had to have not one, but now two major surgeries again to correct the lymphocele. Well after surgery bowel movement was near impossible, my intestines were twisted and it wasn’t pretty. They decided that I could have no food and only little sips of water with medication was ordered for me and lasted 30days! Like a joke…30days, I lay on my back the whole time, according to the doctors’ order and it was not easy because I love food, Like Dan Foster, I love food. Finally with much prayers, from my wife, who had now arrived, and of cause all of you who were consistent in your love, prayers and support…The bowels straightened out and started moving and healing took place finally. And God again, If He hadn’t come through, I mean I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, but I shall fear no evil…

RIP Chaz...

Friday, 21 November 2014

Man Stabbed 9 Times By Cat-caller Harassing His Girlfriend

31yr old Ben Schwartz is seriously injured after suffering 9 stab
wounds from a catcaller who was harassing his girlfriend.

SF Gate reports:

Ben Schwartz, 31, was seriously injured Saturday morning while walking
home from a gathering with his girlfriend and another friend,
authorities said. Near the intersection of Larkin and Ellis streets at
about 4:45 a.m., Schwartz asked a man who had been catcalling his
girlfriend to stop.

Daniela Saavedra, a friend, said that the group had passed the man
twice before and that he had catcalled Schwartz's girlfriend each

"All he said was, 'Can you please just stop?'" Saavedra said. "The man
then sort of trailed behind them, and that's when he attacked."

The man stabbed Schwartz nine times in the back, face, neck and arms,
puncturing a lung, Saavedra said. She said gashes on his arms required
about 60 stitches each, while the cuts to his back just missed his
spinal cord.

The suspect hopped into a nearby silver sedan and got away. Police are
still searching for him.

Saavedra said Schwartz is always looking out for people. In February,
as reported in The Chronicle, he went out of his way to buy a bicycle
on the street that he thought was stolen, then searched for its
rightful owner. The owner, a freelance photographer for The Chronicle,
had been desperately searching for it when Schwartz contacted him.

"I've had friends get their cars broken into, smashed-in windows,
stolen laptops, stolen cell phone — there's nothing I can do a lot of
those times," Schwartz said in February. "But this way, it was easy.
It was safe, and it got him his bike back. … I just wanted to do
somebody a solid for once."

"He definitely sticks up for women, for anyone really," Saavedra said.
"If you're his friend, you're his friend for life, and I've watched
him just support many friends through many hard times. He's just so
kindhearted, and you can see that in everything that he does."

Schwartz, who lives in the Tenderloin, is an advertising student at
the Art Institute of California and a server at Crustacean on Nob
Hill. He has been released from the hospital, Saavedra said, but is
still recovering and in a lot of pain.

"It's really hard to see how hard he's worked to be in school and to
have it all crash down suddenly," she said. "He was so close to
finishing school. He was doing amazing. I'm not sure when he knows
he'll get back to school or work right now."

Schwartz's friends have set up a GoFundMe page in a bid to support him.

Thank God he's alive. He has a good heart.
That suspect needs to be found.

Married Police Couple Are Burglars by Day?!

Talk about working two jobs!
Two married San Diego police officers have admitted doing drug deals
and breaking into homes. What?!

According to NBC Los Angeles:

Bryce Charpentier, 32, and Jennifer Charpentier, 41, admitted
Wednesday to selling and furnishing a narcotic substance, possession
of a firearm by an addict, conspiracy to commit a burglary and
conspiracy to commit a crime: possession and sale of a controlled
As a result, the two resigned from the SDPD, effective Wednesday.

"Both of these individuals will have to face the consequences of their
actions, which have diminished the great work our officers do every
day to serve our City," said SDPD Chief Shelley Zimmerman in a

They are scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 30, and they each face up
to seven years and eight months in prison.

In addition to pleading guilty, they have waived their 4th Amendment
search and seizure rights, which means law enforcement can search them
at any time.

The officers' change of plea comes two days after new charges were
filed against the couple, accusing them of stealing prescription
medication from their parent, burglarizing a home while on the clock
as officers and leading a distribution chain.

Bryce, a six-year veteran of the SDPD, and Jennifer, an 18-year
veteran, were arrested in June during a San Diego County Sheriff's
Department narcotics investigation.

Suspected of being addicted to opiates, both officers were initially
charged with selling and furnishing a controlled narcotic substance
and possession of a firearm by an addict.

Search warrants say Jennifer got seven different drugs in 71
prescriptions from seven separate doctors and then traveled to 17
pharmacies to fill them. Bryce is accused of going as far as Oakhurst
near Yosemite to fill 79 prescriptions from six different doctors.

Then this week, a new complaint shed more light on the accusations against them.

In it, investigators quote text conversations between the married
couple that outline their search for drugs they refer to as "V."

One alleged victim was Jennifer's mother. During her visit to their
home, Bryce texted his wife he was coming back and pulling into the
driveway. At that point, Jennifer texted she was taking her mother
into the backyard, presumably to distract her while Bryce took
prescription medication from her.

The final text from the conversation is from Bryce, telling Jennifer
that he placed "V" for her in a candle, the complaint says.
Less than a month later, Bryce texted his wife that he got "a decent
amount" during a visit to his mother-in-law's, according to

A separate incident described in the complaint involves a victim
identified as "M.B."

According to the complaint, M.B. locked himself in his own bedroom on
Jessica's request, while Bryce and another officer came into his home
to use the restroom. The given excuse was that the officer did not
want M.B. to see him in his undercover clothes, the complaint says.

M.B. later found out that his legally prescribed medication was stolen.

The complaint says in January 2014, Bryce and Jennifer had offered to
take over an existing hydrocodone distribution network in the county.
They are accused of making deliveries while their child was with them.

According to prosecutors, the couple was found with a substantial
amount of hydrocodone in their possession and was seen completing at
least two transactions within a matter of hours.

Bad Cops!

British Man Lived With Tapeworm in His Brain for 4yrs!

Eew! This is really creepy.
A 50yr old British Man had been having memory problems not knowing a
1cm parasite had found a home in the right side of his brain!

How did it get there? (still having goose-bumps)

This worm can get into the system when someone eats infected food or
through some Chinese therapy for sore eyes that involves "a raw frog".

According to Mail online:

Dr Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas, study author from the department of
infectious disease at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, said: "We
did not expect to see an infection of this kind in the UK, but global
travel means that unfamiliar parasites do sometimes appear."

Writing in the Genome Biology journal, scientists revealed that the
patient went to hospital in 2008 suffering from headaches, seizures,
altered smell ability, memory flashbacks and problems, plus increasing
pain on his right-hand side.

Over the next four years he was tested for diseases including HIV,
tuberculosis, lime disease and syphilis after MRI scans showed lesions
in his brain.

Scientists at St Thomas' Hospital in London finally diagnosed his
affliction after taking a biopsy of his brain.

The tiny tapeworm, Spirometra erinaceieuropaei, was identified by a
team of scientists led by Dr Hayley Bennett, from the Wellcome Trust
Sanger Institute, which mapped its genome.

It has only been reported 300 times in the last 60 years, the
scientists said. It is rare but most commonly found in South East
Asia, China and Japan.


Woman Number 8, Angela Leslie, Accuses Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault

The naked Cosby was lying in wait before the 1992 ambush of
model-actress Angela Leslie, a beauty who says she was targeted after
sending the comedian a letter and photograph.

"The main thing I want is for people to know him for who he really
is," Leslie told the Daily News on Thursday. "He's not this dad of

After a driver delivered her to the hotel, she checked into her room
before Cosby summoned Leslie to his place. When she spoke about her
career aspirations, Cosby called for an impromptu audition.

"If you want to act, show me what you've got. Pretend you're
intoxicated," she recalled he demanded.

The egotistical comedian then poured Leslie a stiff drink and told her
to act like she was blasted on booze.

"I couldn't drink it," she recounted. "I tasted it and put it down.
Then he asked me to go into the bathroom and wet my hair. . . . I
walked back out, and he had removed his clothing and gotten into bed."

Cosby began rubbing against the actress before pouring lotion into her
palm and pulling her hand under the blankets.

"With his hand on top of mine, he had me massage his penis," she said.
"He masturbated with my hand. I wasn't pulling back. I was in shock."

She now assumes that the cocktail was probably dosed with something to
knock her out.

She recalled that Cosby quickly tired of her — "I didn't drink the
alcohol, and maybe since I didn't pass out, he decided to get rid of

The despondent actress spent the rest of her Vegas stay alone.

"I felt so used," she said. "I felt that he didn't get what he wanted,
and he threw me out. . . . He didn't make me feel special in any way.
He said, 'Come here, put your hand here, do this.' "

The allegations from Leslie boosted the number of Cosby accusers to
eight as the four-time Emmy winner continues to remain mum about the
seamy allegations.

(nydaily news)

What's up with all these allegations Bill? And why are these stories
just coming out?
This is really terrible to hear.

Kenyan marathon runner, Eric Kipkemei Chirchir is Accused of Sexually Harassing A Minor, May Face Deportation

31yr old elite marathon runner Eric Kipkemei Chirchir attempted to
escape arrest by New Jersey Police after being accused of
inappropriately touching a minor.

According to NYdaily:
Eric Kipkemei Chirchir, 31, of Hasbrouck Heights, N.J., was charged
with criminal sexual contact, obstruction of justice, resisting arrest
and eluding Bogota police on Wednesday after a girl at the golf center
where he worked alleged Chirchir touched her in the women's locker
room, reported.

Chirchir allegedly touched the girl at 6 p.m. She ran from the locker
room at Bogota Golf Center and told another employee, who called

The Kenyan, a veteran marathoner who also runs half-marathons and road
races, was still at the golf center when cops showed up — but not for

"He's fast," Detective Sgt. Jon Misskerg told "This is one of
the world's elite marathon runners."

Chirchir, who biked to work, reportedly bolted past officers and kept
on running. He sprinted five miles to his home, where police finally
caught up with him.

"He ran all the way home," Capt. James Sepp told

Bogota police found Chirchir hiding in the closet of his 6-year-old
daughter's room, reported.

In the long run, not only does Chirchir face jail time, but he now
also faces deportation. The U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement
put a detainer on Chirchir for violating immigration laws, North reported.

He's being held at Bergen County Jail on $100,000 bail.

This is not looking good. This guy is in soup!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Ryan Gosling Refuses to be People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive"

In the past few years, Gosling's fans have voiced their anger that
their favorite movie star has been snubbed in favor of Bradley Cooper,
Adam Levine, Channing Tatum and now this year's cover star, Chris

While Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Johnny Depp have scored the highly
coveted cover more than once, Gosling's fan base is upset that the
"Lars and the Real Girl" star hasn't even been honored a single time.

But according to an insider, that's due to the fact that Gosling
doesn't want to wear the "Sexiest Man Alive" crown.

"They tried a few times, especially during his huge year in 2011,"
said an insider who was privy to the cover negotiations. Gosling's
team reportedly also "squashed" efforts to discuss putting the star on
the cover.

(nydaily news)

Okay, He doesn't want it so don't bother him. Don't even know what the
award does it improve his life?

Cover Girl For Prada Found Dead In Her Bath

A top model who appeared as a cover girl for Prada, L'Oreal and Elle
has been found dead in her bath.

Katerina Netolicka, 26, was discovered slumped in the tub at the home
she shared with ice-hockey player boyfriend Jakub Petruzalek, 29.

Netolicka's body was found by her brother in the property in the Czech
Republic after he became worried when she did not answer his telephone

Her boyfriend was out of the country at the time taking part in a
match in Russia, where he plays for ice hockey club Avtomobilist

The couple had been together for five years.

After going to the apartment and failing to get an answer when he
knocked Katerina's brother broke the door down and found the model and
her two pet dogs dead.

Friends of the model, who began her modelling career in 2004 and was
also known for kickboxing after winning the Czech Championships last
month, say she was prone to depression.

A fellow model who lived with her in New York seven-years-ago but who
did not want to be named told local media: "Sometimes she acted like
two totally different people lived inside her.

"One minute she was very happy, almost ecstatic. Then sometimes she
was depressed and used to self-harm."

But another friend, Adrian Smrcka, said: "I really don't know what
could have happened.

"Maybe she got a spasm after kickbox training, or maybe it was a stroke.

"I know she had stopped self-harming and was very happy with her boyfriend."

Grieving fans and friends have now taken to the model's Facebook to
express their shock and sadness.

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